15 Steps to Master Self-Discipline

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Hello readers, it feels amazing to dive into what it takes to master self-discipline! You’ve been bugging us for multiple weeks that this is the article you want to read and although we touched upon this topic in several other videos, we felt like it needs its own dedicated piece.

Your ability to discipline your actions and your mind is probably the most important skill you’ll ever need on your journey to success. Without it, the only thing you could hope for is luck, we’re not big on luck. Don’t get us wrong, it’s nice to catch a break and get lucky, but if luck is your strategy to success, I’m afraid we can’t be friends.

Self-Discipline is one of the hardest things to master and implement because we live in a world filled with distractions and we are bombarded by shiny things promising us happiness and fulfillment only to be disappointed by a fading state and by money poorly spent.

Listen carefully because this is why you should pay attention to this article!

If you master self-discipline, any feasible dream becomes an objective that is separated from you only by time.

Go through that again if you need to! Write it down until you truly understand that even the longest journey can be achieved if you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

We’re gonna be honest with you, it’s gonna be hard and most of you will probably fail at this because you don’t have what it takes to make it.

Self-discipline is one of the hardest things to master and it will probably take you way longer and it’s going to be way more difficult than you ever expect it to be.

But for the very few of you who do manage to implement this into your lives, damn. The game will be so much easier to play and win.

Step 1: Define a goal worth fighting for

Step 2: Deconstruct the Goal

Step 3: Make a daily plan that if followed will get you to your goal

Step 4: Remove temptations or distractions

Step 5: Prioritize the Goal before anything else

Step 6: Don’t wait for it to feel right

Step 7: Force yourself to do it

Step 8: Find role-models who inspire you

Step 9: Schedule breaks, treats & rewards for yourself.

Step 10: Failure – even for one day – is not an option

Step 11: Keep track of your progress

Step 12: Set monthly milestones

Step 13: Self-analyze your process

Step 14: Remove negative habits

Step 15: Just keep pushing for 50 days straight

This entire article can be applied even by individuals who’ve always had problems disciplining themselves and it’s currently the most valuable resource available on the topic.

It took us multiple weeks of research to break it down into this smooth system and you’re getting it for free just for being an AweGenie reader.

We recommend you come back to this article and go through it once in a while because every time you come back you’ll find something you missed the previous time.

The information and game-plan are here, now it’s up to you what you do with it.

We’re curious to know readers, are you up for the 50 Day Challenge? If Yes, please write “I’m IN” in the comment section.

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