How to prepare for IBM ISL internship interview?

IBM ISL internship interview

07 Jan – 08 Jan 2019

Eligibility Criteria

  • 70% in the current degree pursuing or 7.0 CPI and above.
  • Should be available for 6 months internship starting from Jun/Jul’19.
  • BE/B.Tech/M.Tech in computer science and Information science.

Stipend – Rs. 30,000/month

PPO – Rs. 11-15 LPA (Depends on job vacancy in the respective department)

IBM ISL conducted two rounds for summer internship recruitment at IIITDM Jabalpur on 7th January 2019.

The 2 rounds were:

  2. Interview

Round 1: IBM IPAT

The IBM IPAT – Information Processing Aptitude Test is one of the most challenging online tests out there. It tests the candidates INFERENCE, DEDUCTION  and MATH skills in a strict time pressured environment.

IPAT provides IBM the ability to compare applicants globally on a standardized, common measure scale.

Here are some important instructions for IPAT:

What is the test format?

Two sections – Numeric series and Math reasoning with 18 questions in each section. There might be some geographical variation but this is the standard observed.

What is the question format?

Multiple choice format – 5 choices provided per question with only 1 correct answer

What is the time provided per question?

The time provided per question is 2 mins 15 seconds – a timer on the screen will help you keep track of time for each questions

Is a calculator permitted?

Yes! Not only is it permitted, a calculator is encouraged

Can the test be retaken?

The test does not allow retakes for 1 year and hence it is critical to get it right the first time around.

Two Sections in the IPAT are as follows:

For example:-

1. There are two printers. One printer prints 70 copies in 15 min and other printer prints 50 copies in 20 min. The first printer starts at 7:30 AM and the second printer starts at 7:00 AM. At which time they will print the equal number of copies? (Time & Work)

2. John has a flat which cost is 15000 rs. After one year, its cost down by 2000 rs but for next years its cost increase by 5%. What will be the cost of flat after 12 years? (Profit & Loss)

If you want to practice more Series Questions find it here

Find the answer to almost all series at m4maths.

NOTE: You need to answer each and every question in the fixed time slot of each question. If you are unable to submit answer of the question, you will get only 1 chance to not repeat the same mistake otherwise you will be blocked to take the test.

Round 2: Interview

Questions asked during the interviews were mostly from Data Structures & Algorithms, Java, DBMS, Operating System, Computer Networks.

1. JAVA Collections

2. OOPs Concept


4. Data Structures & Algorithms

5. JAVA Garbage Collections

6. Operating System

7. Computer Networks

6. Project Based Questions (whatever Project who have mentioned in CV)

Although I was not selected for the interviews I gained a lot from this experience. The one thing that I learnt is that never expect anything out of the recruitment. Anything can happen. Even those who don’t know any technical stuff get selected and even best matched candidate will not be selected. Anything can happen during the recruitments. The Key is to KEEP GOING AHEAD keeping in mind that there are millions of companies in this whole world and there will be some companies which will respect and recognize your talent and hard work.

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