It’s not just about ₹9

One month after the release of the blockbuster movie Andhadhun, I along with two of my friends decided to watch the movie in theatre at Samdariya Mall Jabalpur.

Being aware of the hefty convenience fee charged by BookMyShow, and the availability of tickets, we decided to buy the ticket from the theatre’s counter itself.

There was a lady at the counter. I went there to buys three tickets.

Me: Ma’am three tickets for Andhadhun.

She: Platinum, Gold or Silver

Me: Silver (being aware of the fact that the hall would not be full and we can sit on platinum/gold seats at the price of silver)

She: Ok!

Me: How much?

She: Sir ₹441/-

Me: I don’t have the change Ma’am. (Passing ₹500 note inside the counter’s hole)

She: Here are your tickets and the change (passing ₹50 as change). Enjoy the movie!

We saw the bill. I thought that extra ₹9 was charged for some sort of tax or convenience fee. I was in no mood to ask the lady for this extra charged ₹9. ( thinking that ₹9 hi to hai)

But my friend got no chill. He went to the counter.

Friend: Ehh! Ma’am the bill was of ₹441 and you’ve charged ₹450. What was this extra charge for?

She: Ohhk! (Passing the ₹10 note with weird expression)

Me and my friends kept staring at each other for 10 seconds and digesting what was just happened!

We were thinking that not everyone like my friend cares for such small amout of money and how these people are knowingly charging extra by taking advantage of the situation.

This type of scams are so common in India and we are just keep ignoring these.

After this incident, I became the follower of #JaagoGrahakJaago movement.

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Author: Genie Rahul

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