Are you stressed all time? Remember you are not born to be perfect

Stressed - Awe Genie

So, it started from a day. When I was sitting with my friends and sisters doing discussions (actually girl’s gossips) and then one of us uttered ‘I don’t like myself, I want to be like her’ and it turned into a silence….for a couple of minutes none of us gave attention to her but then again she said ‘you are such a perfect girl, everyone adore you’ and then I realized how deep it is, how crestfallen she is from herself that she doesn’t want to be what she is.

Its pity, it is really a pity but what and who? I didn’t understand. What makes them feel a strong indignation for themselves…. We? Or so-called perfect bodies? Society? Or something which is beyond all these things and I am gleeful that I got an answer. It’s our thinking, it’s our desires or ardor of being perfect or want perfect things or people in our lives. Things and humans both are different, things don’t have any feelings or tenderness hence, humans possess a heart, emotions, fondness, tenderness, self-esteem, so we can’t contrast humans with things. Things can be perfect but humans can’t because we all have our own peculiarity and it’s okay to not be perfect. Who said that a ‘perfect person’ does exist! We don’t have anybody as perfect. It’s just our imagination and ardor for perfection, or you can say its hallucination. Yes, it’s a hallucination which makes us think or see other person as a perfect because in reality even he or she is not perfect.

It’s perfect to accept your flaws and scars. I have a scar on my leg it’s quite big around 12cm long and I was afraid to wear a short dress because I thought that what if someone will see my scar? What if they will think it’s so repulsive? But then after a couple of years, I realized I love my scar. I love it because it tells how brawny I am. It shows what I went through. It shows my intrepidity, my courage and so many things about me. I started giving no shit about my pimples because I realized it’s on my body! So I should love them as like scars it shows too that I am mature. The marks of those a pimple makes me realize that I passed a phase of my life and now I am in a new phase of my life. If I don’t feel ugly then who are you? Who you are to make me feel ugly or uneasy. You! yes, you don’t have any fucking right to tell me all the time I have this and that my skin is black or it has scars or I am big or I have tires. I love who I am and this is who I am. If you want to look or observe, observe my soul. Look at the inner side of myself, which is far beyond all these so-called imperfections of the body. Have you ever tried to see the scars of my soul? Because I never unravel them, right? Just because you can see my body or I allowed you to see it, it doesn’t mean you can start being judgmental.

You never know from what a person has gone through and how he or she is standing in front of you like an old saying ‘you can’t judge a book from its cover’. Everyone is running for being perfect, do what you love, wear what you love, not what others do. It’s none of their business, if they want to love you they will love you for what you are not for what they want you to become. That day I realized how much burden a girl has for being perfect. Her in-laws want a perfect cook a perfect housemaid, a perfect daughter in law, same time her husband wants her to be a perfect lady in bed perfect body posture perfect nails hair color beauty etc etc fuck them. Seriously fuck them, if they can’t accept you of who you are they don’t deserve shit of you. It’s okay to make little changes or take care of yourself but if things will start haunting you if they started making you feel like you have to be so-called perfect, fuck them!

You are what you are and just love yourself for what you are. Because nobody else in this world is like you. You are unique your scars marks your color your little imperfections make you unique. So stop thinking about those moron things start loving yourself. And even if you can’t love yourself then don’t expect that other person will love you too, for being loved first you have to love yourself. Don’t get disappointed don’t turn your beautiful day into a gloomy day hearing what they are saying or want you to be.

Show them imperfection is the most beautiful thing in the universe. And perfection is in being imperfect.


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Author: Genie Vanshika

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