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Chess Masterclass

Although seven of the eight sections of this book were originally published as separate volumes, they were written with their coordination as a complete chess course in mind. Conveniently prefaced now by a new summarized review of the basic elements of chess, the resulting comprehensive whole provides the instruction that any chess player needs to develop a respectable degree of skill. The integrated progression of subjects is treated in the following order. A player who knows the elements but little more about chess may not need them introductory steps revealed in Book One, but he does need to be warned about the types of mistakes – neglected development and the like – that beginning and intermediate players make so frequently. He can then go on to study opening play in its larger aspects, and examine its consequences in the ensuing middlegame. From this point, he proceeds to study the endgame stage, which logical relationship which binds together opening, middlegame, and ending the student is now ready to go back to the initial stage and study the chief openings in rewarding detail.
With this overall scheme in mind, the reader is in a better position to appreciate the detailed treatment in each section.

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