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Rains have a special feel in all. Some people enjoy rain with enthusiasm; some rather slouch in their bean bags and watch it fall. Of course, this monsoon season has a lazy effect on you, with more sleep, more cozy and comfy sitting, but also builds up craving for your rumbling tummy. Every season has it’s special to it, so does monsoon. Let’s look at the top six things to enjoy monsoon.

bhajiya - bhoolime- Awe Genie1. Bhajiya (Pakora)

The first thing that every Indian thinks of with that first shower of rain outside is ‘garma garam pakode’. These are yummy and crispy deep-fried snacks, made of potato, onion, paneer, brinjal, and whatever vegetable you love to have. The chilly winds of monsoon and these hotly served bhajiya make the best food combo with the season.

Bhutta - bhookime - Awe Genie2. Challi

Challi! Challi has many names, corn and bhutta are the next common ones used. Being from Mumbai simply cannot stop feeling the damp road beside marine drive and that hot challi with the salty and sour coating on it staining my lips with the flavor. People also have it boiled and salted with more spices and veggies added to it. Challi is my personal favorite, so any monsoon it is, do not miss challi.

coffee - bhookime- AweGenie3. Coffee/Tea

I am sure there are a lot of tea and coffee lovers out there, in fact, we have been seeing a lot these days innovative restaurants and outlets exclusively for tea, though we had cafes already. After a long and tiring day with the cooling effect of the rain on you, all you need is a kadak masaledar chai or a freshly brewed coffee, to warm your body. Tea and coffee work throughout the year in every season, but they taste all different in rains.

Samosa - AweGenie4. Samosa

Yum! So it’s the samosa mausam. Everyone forget your diet and go grab the hot samosas right there from down the street. Those spicy potatoes with veggies and dry fruits, wrapped and fried in all-purpose flour dough (my mouth is already watering) are the best treat to your tummy for the season.

Fun fact! Did you know that samosa is not an Indian origin snack? Go taste some and find out if not Indian origin then from where did samosa come to us?

Pav Bhaji - Awe Genie5. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is most loved by kids but is a whole meal loved by all. It’s a very common street food of Mumbai but now reaching out to every nook and corner of the country.  It tastes delicious when served hot-hot on a crazy raining day. Want some spicy office break on a monsoon day? Pav bhaji is your go-to option!

Halwa - Bhookime- AweGenie6. Halwa

Have a sweet tooth? Need to calm those taste buds after a hefty meal? Drop into your nearest halwai-wala or plead your mom to work her magic. Didn’t get it yet? It’s the sweet dish which can never elude a real Indian. It’s our beloved halwa.


Now you know, be it this monsoon or the next coming one, your ‘to eat’ list is ready! Let me know in the comment section which is your favorite season and food. Till then, Happy Monsoon!


-Garima Karnwal
(Owns a food blogging page on Instagram @bhookime)


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