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If Big B’s movie Roti, Kapda aur Makan would be released in today’s world, its title would be Roti, Kapda, Makan aur Internet instead. By looking at a random smartphone’s data analysis section, it can be easily inferred that social media apps top the list. In spite of the high popularity of social media, it is often counted as the biggest time killer. So the question arises should we leave social media? There are some facts you can’t decline which support abandoning social sites

Good Grades

Staying away from social media surely helps to maintain good grades as students spend lesser time in distractions. Furthermore, they don’t get involved in shits like she said this /he said that. This is the reason why toppers’ learning strategy includes stay away from social media

Good looks

Using these sites in excess put the heavy toll on our eyesight, neck and back muscles. If you wanna look smart, ponder about the unsmart addiction of using smartphones this way.

Personal Info and Privacy

Posts on social sites lack facts. Greedy people get benefited as misleading information can be easily spread using this platform.

No more personal lifeĀ 

The virtual world has turned into a fake world where we show people what may just not actually exist.
Further our privacy is at risk and many crimes have occurred due to unsafe use of social media

How to overcome?

Enjoy every moment of life living in the present

If we start collecting every moment of life in unlimited snaps then we start living in a virtual world which might be fascinating at first but we can’t actually enjoy the time fully.
No amount of social apps can ever compensate for the fun one gets by playing games, roaming with friends and just observing peopleĀ  we encounter in everyday life

The real world needs you more than your virtual life
People might have hundreds of friends online, but in reality when the need arises only a few are to respond.
Ignoring them might cost you a lot in terms of your social health. Addiction in any form is bad. One must use these sites as per his/her conscious.

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