Stay Classy: 7-Day 7-Hairstyle for women


How to manage hair and stay classy?

Okay!  So this one is specially for girls, and especially for freshers. I wake up every day like hello beautiful…??? Really? naahhhh … we wake up every day like hello messy, unmanageable, frizzy hair. Oh god! The biggest task of the girls’ life is to manage their hair properly and specially when you come in college and what its co-ed. Dayum! Sometimes I felt like why don’t I try to go bald. Seriously because every day you have to stand in front of the mirror like almost for 15-30 minutes thinking that what should I do with them. Sick and tired, so let me suggest you some basic hair style and haircare you can do instantly in your hostel, might be you already knew it but not the way I am going to tell you plus why its good..

bun - Awe Genie1. Bun

There are kinds of buns like messy, high, low, mid, ballerina, wisky and so on. It depends on you and your face which one suits you….. but the best one is French twist Nothing is as elegant and mature quite like a classic French twist. Now, this may seem like too elaborate a hairstyle to do every day, but once you get the hang of it, it really is not. And the best part is that it is easiest to do on medium length hair! Gather your hair at the back, and roll it to make an elongated bun. Secure the bun to your head with bobby pins and you are ready.

Sleek - Awe Genie2. Sleek

If you have naturally straight hair this hairstyle is for you.

Straight hair has the unique ability to make you look like you’re in total control of your life and mental stability. All you need to give off that illusion is to straighten your hair until it is absolutely poker straight, pin back half your hair and slick down any flyaways with some smoothening serum. And then you are ready to look complete badass, who doesn’t take shit from anyone 😉

3.Beachy Wave - Awe Genie Beachy waves

Do you have wavy hair and you just hate them because you also think that there is no natural hairstyle for you, or it is hard to manage wavy hair as you have to straighten your hair on daily basis or curls on special occasions?  So lemme tell you I love the wavy hair!

For a proper finish just roll your hair simple and pinup or just tuck them leave them for a whole night and just sleep, next day don’t comb them and you will find them beachy waves … yes, I am saying true try it. And you will slay next day without doing anything. Just woke up and move to your class HAHAHA


Plaits - Awe Genie4. Plaits

This hairstyle is favorite of all mothers on earth. Remember tying plaits by Mumma during school days, Yes! Plaits are not boring at all, it is super trendy from MET GALA to Maya Jama’s ultra-long plaits it just depends on how extraordinary we are making it. You can make plaits even in college, yes I did, most of the times my friends used to make different kinds of plaits for me in college  French plaits or fishtail and you can go for loose plaits it’s my favorite hairstyle. Loose hair on your face gives you a Bollywood movie kind of feeling 😀

So sometimes you can do hair tying in colleges too.

Pony tail - Awe Genie5. High Ponytail with side swept bangs

You must be wondering what’s so special about ponytail we are doing it since childhood right?

Wrong! We are making ponytails since childhood but not in a proper way, there are kinds of ponytails we can make for example high ponytail with a little puff (little just a smooth slop kind of)

Loose ponytails, I will suggest you to not make it often because sometimes it causes troubles as all the loose hair will come all over your face. But yeah you can make it when u want some change or you are getting late for college.

Retro-Ponytail6. Retro Ponytail

The best one and elegant hairstyle of the 60s can be a little too elaborate for you to pull off when you are short on time. So, here it requires less than five minutes but still takes inspiration from that gorgeous look. Just part your hair down the middle, tease down some hair at the crown of your head and tie all your hair in a mid-level ponytail to achieve this simple and chic look.

The Half Updo - Awe Genie7. The Half Updo

If you need a hairstyle that will work for you throughout the day at college and can also be sported at the fancy party you need to go to in the evening, then this half updo will suit your needs perfectly. To create the half updo, you need to add volume at the crown. So, backcomb the hair at the crown of your head and spritz on some hairspray. Then, smooth the top out, and use bobby pins at the base of the puff. Set your hair with medium hold hairspray to finish off the look.



So 7 hairstyles for 7 days and you can make changes in them as they all have so many different ways to make. In my next blog, I will come with simple daily hostel remedies to make our hair healthy, long and silky-smooth. Till that time enjoy trying them and let me know your reviews in the comment section. All the best for your college days! ☺

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