Unable to connect to the internet has never felt so much fun!

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Well that’s what the love for dinosaurs can do to you too!

Dinosaurs are far from extinct, and as if the mighty Jurassic Park or the quirky Dr. Geller weren’t enough to help you explore the mighty mysterious creatures, Google Chrome sure keeps the excitement going.

Stuck in a no signal area, or under a tunnel with no smartphone signals or laptop screen displaying  “There is no internet connection”. Ever wondered that your life has/would come to a standstill for those few minutes (or hours) when your 3G/4G deserts you?


Don’t you worry, Google Chrome to your rescue! Google Chrome engineers have a lot of fun creating cool and exciting stuff inside, one being the T-Rex game when your browser is offline. 🙂 In those moments of exasperation, you must have stared at the error screen and pondered why this little dino fella is winking at me while I am still mourning the loss of my internet?

Well, the tiny creature is opportunistic, totally loves it when Google Chrome screws up and pops him up as a little Dino pixel on the screen because he knows he is going to sweep you by your feet to start what he likes to call “an extra-browser affair”. Meet Tyrannosaurus rex, or as he wants his loved ones to call him dearly ‘T-Rex’, your life saver, or may I see, your partner in crime when your 3G/4G ditches you. 😀


T-Rex isn’t hard to strike a conversation with. Just hit the spacebar and off he goes galloping around, taking you to the gaming zone (for free, a generous lover I must say)! Press Up spacebar or UP arrow key to save him from cactuses, hit the hundred mark, and there he screams in his own blip sound to celebrate the century. Then when you hit the 300 mark and are starting to rejoice your high-speed long drive with him, there come the birds to test your relationship! By now if you know T-Rex well, you know you can avoid these birds smartly either by just ducking them (pressing the Down arrow key) or swiftly gliding over them (pressing the Up arrow key or Spacebar). Excited, zoom he goes, faster and stronger.

Just when you start thinking that boredom has struck you, you are in for a surprise! Come the 700 milestone, just hang along for a bit more (150-200 points) and T-Rex treats you with the lovers’ much celebrated ‘night drive’. And as if that wasn’t enough to please you, the journey traverses the full moon cycle with the bright stars twinkling all throughout, romantic isn’t it! <3

So, gear up for this night-lit high-speed long drive! Starting with a crescent moon at 700.


It moves to a half moon at 1400….


……and there you go, riding under the full moon glory at 2100.


And you know what, T-Rex patiently waits for you while you switch to other tabs for work. Without any ifs and buts, you can resume with a spacebar when you are back. Such great understanding, I must say! 😀

By now, while you no longer anticipate your 3G/4G partner to return (or maybe not too soon), and are totally excited to reach higher milestones with your T-Rex, here comes the partner! Spoiler! The connection restores, and as soon as you hit spacebar, you resume on the same page and off he goes, poor T-Rex! Well, that could explain why they are extinct!

But Google Chrome knows for sure knows that you when life gets tough, a little retreat with your best buddy T-Rex can give a lease of new life. So you need not necessarily wait for your 3G/4G partner to ditch you again. Simply type ‘chrome://dino/’ in the address bar, hit the Enter key, and there comes back your T-Rex, ready to hop and beat the heat, with a wider game display.

I am sure that while some of you must be wondering now if you were just a click away from this hidden affair with Google Chrome probably like a million times, some known to this affair must be already hitting the road to re-live the night sky experience.

So I sign off now and let you get on this joyous and harmless “extra-browser affair” with the T-Rex.

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Author: Genie Pratyush

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Himanshi Garg
Himanshi Garg

Never quite knew how to play this game. I just thought it would keep hopping. Thanks for the info.