What it means to be beautiful?

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There is a poem from our childhood storybook

“Oh mirror mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of them all?”

Fairest??? So just being fair means being pretty ??

If fairness is the sole indicator of beauty, how did Priyanka Chopra become miss world and won

hearts worldwide?

What actually determines parameters of beauty -a perfect figure color of your skin or what else? How can any parameter be perfect when different countries have different standards of beauty? In one country long ears are desirable while in other long and thin neck is appreciated and something else is called classy somewhere else. It turns out if ‘your’ parameters of beauty don’t match ‘mine’, would I be ugly? Certainly no!! That’s why it is said that beauty lies in eyes of the beholder.

However, beauty is commercialized. In tv advertisements dealing in beauty products, we find that root cause of all worries in one’s life is color of one’s skin. Education, hard work everything is a myth. Good job, own house, well settled are the mercy of a fairness cream. Sounds crazy … isn’t it?  There is someone who’s manipulating our brain, triggering our desires for personal benefits and earning in billions without promising sure outcome.

We can quote an example of our late president APJ Abdul Kalam. No one needs to introduce him . Such a remarkable personality he was .. Was it the perishable beauty  of face or unperishable beauty of mind , character and soul  that makes us respect him ? In the end, only good deeds work …

Mirror lies –

it doesn’t show  the beauty  inside


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